What is momme?

February 03, 2020

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When you look online for silk scarves, you will quickly come across the word 'momme' coming up in descriptions. If you are confused as to what this term means, we are going to clear it up for you.

Essentially, momme (mm) is a unit of measure used to identify the thickness and translucence. One silk momme equates 4.34 grams per square meter. Momme is a term that has been developed in order to assist in understanding weight of a silk fabric. The higher the momme count, the more the weave is suitable for heavy-duty applications (e.g. silk scarves weigh 6-10 momme while bedding is 22-25 momme).

As a general rule, when the momme weight is higher, the silk fabric will be heavier and less translucent. Every type of silk product, be it a scarf, linen, or apparel, requires a specific range of momme count in the fabric. For example, silk scarves are usually made out of a fabric that is at or below 10 momme. Heavier weave will make a scarf difficult to drape and as a result too bulky.

There are different types of silk fabric with different weights, namely gauze, organza, habotai, chiffon, and crepe-de-shine. We are going to focus on habotai, since this is the preferred type of fabric for silk scarves.

Scarves are often made using a habotai twill. This is preferred for use in making scarves because of its soft and inviting texture. The resulting weave is essentially the same both on the front and back of a scarf, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant colors of your scarf no matter what side you have on top. With these features of habotai silk, it is no wonder it is used by all major brands as their first choice for making silk scarves.

Now that you know what is momme, you can confidently get a beautiful silk scarf that features the ideal momme for a scarf that will look and feel great for a long time to come. Check out our new collection of women’s silk scarves and enjoy free shipping and free returns on all U.S. orders!

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